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In the past we had a heyday in the economy - there was a huge growth in property development.

However, the recession, and the increase in electricity and water tariffs cause delinquency in payments with consequent problems for municipalities, developers, and property investors.

They face the following problems:

  • Delinquency in payments
  • Enormous extra administration of bad debts
  • Cash flow problems
  • Bodies Corporate appoint meter readers and electricity managers who spread the bad debt between paying tenants
  • Complaints from tenants which must be dealt with
  • Responsible consumers of electricity do not get proper benefits
  • Some meter readers or managers are irresponsible
  • Investors that rent out property are losing money due to less income
  • Developers struggle to sell properties

Our goals are:

  • To eliminate the loss of electricity income
  • Less or no administration of bad debts and accounts
  • Improved cash flow
  • Less complaints to attend to
  • Righteous spread of costs - payments take place according to individual consumption
  • Restore investors' confidence in property

Our solutions provide:

  • Bulk supply from municipalities
  • Installation of pre-paid sub-meters
  • Prepaid meters which are managed by a professional income management company
  • A retail facility by way of vending points, cellphone and online.
  • Safe on-line database

The advantages:

  • Less or no bad debts
  • Improved cash flow
  • Less administration costs due to delinquent payments
  • Less complaints and enquiries regarding electricity
  • The consumer controls their own saving and budget
  • No monthly accounts
  • If required, overdue accounts (levies, water) can be handled by the system

Some Of Our Clients

Arenite Heights
67 Units

Cathie Park
26 Units

18 Doris
5 Units

Kloof Centurion
3 Units

Imberbia Rakia Farm
8 Units

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