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Q: Do I get reports on meters?

A: YES. You have access to real-time reports and a statement of your account once a month to your email address.

Q: Are there administration fees for pay-outs?

A: NO.

Q: Is there a minimum time period of services on signed-up?

A: NO. You can use the service for one month or as long as you use the meter.

Q: Is there a contract attached to services?

A: NO.

Q: Can I install in my own home?

A: Yes, but it's probably not worth it. Our meters are not municipal meters. As such they do not replace the municipal meter. They are merely sub-meters to the municipal meter which is a primary meter. If you want to change the primary meter on your ERF or flat to prepaid, then you must contact your municipality directly and make application.

Q: Does the price include installation?

A: No. Prices advertised are not inclusive of installation as many customers want to install by themselves or use their own electrician. We do not do installation, but we can put you in direct contact with an electrician in your area who can install for you.

Q: Who will install it?

A: Each meter unit ships with a complete installation and usage instruction manual. The installation for single phase meters is very simple. We always recommend you use a certified electrician to make sure you have a valid CoC (Certificate of Compliance for your property). Though we don't install the meters, we can put you in direct contact with an electrician in your area who can install for you.

Q: Do I get a prepaid discount from the utility?

A: No. There is a misconception in South Africa that prepaid electricity in general is cheaper. That is not true at time of writing. The electricity is charged at prescribed rates. That said some prescribed rates may be cheaper in some areas than others. In addition to that, the prepaid meter is not connected to any municipal prepaid electricity program as it is a secondary meter (sub-meter) to the main municipal meter. It is merely a revenue management solution suitable for body corporates and landlords that rent property.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: Yes. The prepaid meter carries a 12 month guarantee.

Q: How do I buy electricity?

A: Once the meter has been registered, the tenant simply takes his unique card to a shop near him to buy electricity.  For a list of outlets in your area, please contact us.

Q: When can I buy electricity?

A: You can buy electricity 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year.

Q: Is the device tamper proof?

A: The meter is locked away safely to avoid tampering.

Q: Who pays the utility company?

A: The landlord or person in whose name the electricity account is billed remains responsible for settling all invoices from the utilities company. If the account holder does not pay the bill, services to the property are likely to be disconnected until such time as the arrears are paid in full and the reconnection charge is paid. In this case the meter will continue to operate on battery, but the property will not have electricity as there is no power to the erf.

Q: How is the revenue collected?

A: Revenue is collected either by us under Outsource Management or the landlord or letting/property managing agent. In either case the person in whose name the utility company makes the bill (the account holder), is responsible for settling the monthly bills with the revenues collected.

Q: Is it legal?

A: Yes, it is legal to install a secondary, prepaid electricity meter in your own property. The secondary meter is privately owned and in no way hampers the municiple meter. In addition, electricity is charged at the same rate precribed by the municipality.

Q: How do I set a purchase limit?

A: When the meter is installed and registered, the meter owner can choose to set a consumption limit for the meter. For example R500/month. The limit can also be set to Zero. In this way, a tenant can be asked to pay R500 for electricity before taking occupation. From there the tenant can request an electricity token for part or all of the amount and can, thereafter, continue to pay any amount they wish for future usage.

Q: How is the Kw/h Rate Calculated?

A: The rate at which the meters charge for electricity is calculated in accordance with the municipal rate. When meters are registeed in our system, the area in which they are installed is also registered. This puts the meter into an area that is matched to a municipal area and so a known rate charged in that area. When a credit token is issued, the rate or amount of electricity in Kw that a sum of money can purchase is calculated in accordance with this rate.

Q: Can I relocate the meter?

A: Yes, you can add, delete or swap out meters, simply by notifying us of the changes you need. To do this change and notify us, please login with your username and password and click on Meter Registration. Plese re-register the meter again with the new location. You will need to complete all your details again. If you sold the house with the meter, please ask the new owner to re-register the meter with his/her details.

Q: How long does it take to get a token?

A: It generally takes less than 10 seconds to receive a response with the token. The complete process from sending to inputting the token number into the meter can be completed in less than a minute.

Q: Is there a maintenance program?

A: Yes, the entire utilities management system is maintained and managed 24-hours a day and all meter devices communicate with the utilities management system are monitored.

Q: Does the unit have surge protection?

A: Yes, surge protection is built into the meter.

Q: My cellphone was stolen. What must I do?

A: We are sorry for your loss. If you are the tenant, the good news is that you don't have to report or do anything to the landlord or the hosting center. The person who stole your phone cannot call the point-of-sale number. They also cannot deduct electricity from the credit account associated with the meter. Nor can they purchase electricity without knowing the meter number and the sequence to use when buying. If you are the landlord, then you need to contact us to change your records to the new number. This will take less than one minute to do.

Q: I forgot my PIN. What must I do?

A: If you are the landlord you will have to contact us and request a change to your PIN. Please note that you will be required to correctly identify yourself when you do so. If you are a tenant, please contact your landlord directly.

Q: Where can I buy electricity?

A: You can send us an e-mail, and we will send you a list of providers near you where you can buy electricity.

Q: Do you have a manual for tenants?

A: Yes. Please click here to download a Tenant Manual, or click here to download a product pamphlet.

Q: I have tenants and am now installing. What should I do?

A: If you have tenants and are now installing a prepaid meter, then you should first register the meter and then ask the tenants to buy credit . This will mean that when the meter is installed, they can immediately request a credit token and starting using electricity on the prepaid system.

Q: What happens if the municipal rate for electricity goes up?

A: If electricity costs from the municipality to consumers is increased, then then the new rate is updated in the system where all meters are registered. Since the amount of Kw a sum of money can purchase is calculated on the system and not in the meter, and assuming electricity prices went up, it means that a sum of money will actually purchase few Kilowatts.

Q: Will the meter effect my Geyser?

A: No, the meter will not effect any electrical sub-systems in the property, including the Geyser. The unit does not interfere with the power going into the electricity circuits of the property. The voltage and amperage that feeds into the meter are at the exact same levels when the feed out of the meter. The meter only governs the consumption of electricity in accordance with the set prepaid limit or credit available. When these are exceeded, the unit just breaks the circuit until such time as the electricity consumed is paid for. The worst that can happen is that there will be no hot water in the event that the meter stops feeding electricity to the electric circuits.

Q: What happens when there is a power failure?

A: When there is a power failure in the area that effects the dwelling in which the meter is installed, the meter will continue to operate on battery. However, since no power is feeding in to the meter, the property will also not have electricity. Area power outage will also not cause the meter to lose any account credit, as such information is stored in the utilities management system located in the host center.

Q: Is there somebody I can call for help and support?

A: Yes. The hosting center is available Monday - Friday between 08H00 - 17H00. New customer will receive full instruction when their Prepaid Meters are shipped. When loading credit and get electricity tokens it is automatic (not human operated) hence you can operate the meters 24/7/365 without any support.

Q: Where is the meter installed?

A: The meter is wall mounted, usually close to the main distribution board inside the dwelling. The meter is connected in series in the main electricity circuit before the main circuit breaker, located on the distribution board.

Take a look at the Technical Manual for a better idea on how the meter is installed .
If you need further assistance please contact us.

Q: I have new tenants. What must I do?

A: If you are doing the revenue collections, then there is nothing special to do. Just explain to your new tenants how to use the system. If you choose Outsource Management then please make sure you return all the forms required and forwarded the tenant instruction as provided by us. To learn more about Outsourced Management please contact us.

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