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Conventional Prepaid Metering

  • Meter and management system separate - 20 digit token system to communicate with meter
  • Monthly Statements to be checked by Property Manager
  • Possibility to load arrears onto system (50/50) or (80/20) or to block purchases of power
  • Tamper detection
  • Reconcilable to Council Meter
  • Tenant manages his own budget
  • Smart meter
  • Smart On-line metering with its associated benefits Water and Energy
  • Bi-directional Communication
  • Realize Automatic Billing
  • E-wallet with its added benefits
  • Tariffs can handle intricate tariffs, I.E TOU, Seasonal
  • Energy Management
  • Power Factor Monitoring and correction
  • Data for Biling Disputes
  • Remote switching
  • Tenant switches himself in case of non-payment
  • On-line water Metering
  • Detect unexplained water usage - Leaks ( as little as 0.5l/h)
  • Remote Valve Control if Valves is fitted
  • Leaks or bursts detected
  • Site specific solution due to communications
  • loT
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